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Facebook offering dollar-for-dollar matches on Giving Tuesday, 11/27/2018

What you need to know:

-Donations will be matched by Facebook and Paypal starting at 8 AM EST, Tuesday 11/27/2018.

-$7 million in matching funds are available and will be awarded first come first serve.  The funds may run out as soon as 7-10 minutes past the hour.

Facebook will match up to $20,000 in donations per donor and up to $250,000 per organization.

Before 8 am EST:

Log on to your desktop computer (preferred) or mobile device and log in to Facebook

Get your credit or debit card ready

Keep an eye on your computer's clock

Optional - add credit card information in Facebook so that you can pay faster.

Here's how - click the arrow in the upper right corner of Facebook, then click Settings. From the settings page, find Payments in the lower left corner and click on it, then click on Account Settings (middle of screen) then Add Credit or Debit Card.  If you don't think you can complete this step before 8 AM, don't bother.

Right at 8 AM EST:

-click this link, which takes you to ACMF's Facebook fundraiser page

-click the donate button and make your contribution.  You will not see any information about matching funds - that's ok.  Facebook is tracking all donations and ACMF will receive information directly about the amount of funds that were matched. 

If you have any questions or would like to be walked through the donation process, please call Zachary Hobin at 773-578-9522 or email