Annapolis Chamber Music Festival

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Giving to the acmf


We need your help

While ticket sales are a large component of our financial picture, we rely on the support of our audience to make the ACMF a reality.  Did you know:

What does your donation do?

for $50 - we can print posters for our concerts

for $75 - we can hire a local business to record a concert

for $100 - we can pay for our concert booklets for the season

for $200 - we can maintain our internet address and website for the year

for $300 - we can rent a venue for a concert

for $500 - we can hire one young musician for the festival

for $800 - we can cover the total costs of bringing one wonderful musician to Annapolis, including pay, food, transport and housing

for $1500 - we can cover the total costs of one concert, including venue, musicians, rehearsal space and more

Thank-you gifts

We could not exist without the support of our donors.  Each contribution is a vote of confidence in our work, and we want to make sure you know how important you are to us.  We offer a variety of gifts to our supporters:

Wondering what we offer? Click here

Spotlight on Donor Rewards:

Have you ever heard an amazing piece of music and found yourself wondering what the musicians playing the music were thinking? When you donate at the $25 level or above, you'll get answers from our Piece-A-Month club, an in-depth look at the ACMF's music.  Each month, you'll get an email curated by a rotating cast of ACMF players, who choose the music you hear and tell you what it means to them. Learn more about our rewards for donors here.