Annapolis Chamber Music Festival

Fearless musicians. Stories that sing.


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who we are

We are twelve young classical musicians from around the world who come together every August to bring the best of chamber music old and new to the capital of Maryland.  By including strings, woodwinds and piano in our collective, we are capable of exploring the gems of chamber music left unplayed by traditional chamber ensembles.  We dig into great music as deeply as we can manage in order to forge a community from ourselves and our audience.  We bring a collaborative spirit and dedication to presenting our own unique musical personalities in a way that can engage listeners from the seasoned to the new.


our origins

The ACMF was founded in 2016 by bassoonist Rémy Taghavi and double bassist Zachary Hobin.  The two sought to create a setting where their instruments, unusual ones for chamber music, could be heard on an equal footing with instruments like the violin and the cello.  They have come to find that organizing the festival has given them more than just a place to play - it has planted the roots of a musical and creative community in the heart of Annapolis!

our concerts

Our performances take place every August in the heart of Annapolis in venues large and small.  In every concert, we provide the audience with an experience designed to stoke new ideas and to foster a feeling of closeness and open exchange among the musicians and the concertgoers.  In our last season, our concerts celebrated the music of Vienna's golden age, pondered the connection of successful composers to the music of their people, and paired wine with music in a collaboration with local businesses.


our community

The secret to ACMF's musical success is that the convivial atmosphere behind the scenes sparks the energy on stage. Spreading music is about spreading love! Through our hours of hard work every day, we become closer as musicians and as people.  Our audience is included in this community as well - we work hard to make our audience feel like they are part of the ensemble, and we usually host a post-concert reception.  Come talk to us!